Trails in the Ground (installation & essay)

Articulating the idiosyncrasies and agency of the entanglement of tracks that are encrypted on every aspect of the Bunurong Coast, the final installation-based iteration of ‘A Trail in the Ground’ explores how those marks—and the past happenings and traversings they embody—influence how I perceive and interact with every other place I have inhabited, now and into the future.

Responding to the tracks and trails that crisscross the landscape, it also engages with the complexities, silences and violence of inter-generational conflict that can be read. It is those sometimes thorny, often uncomfortable, and occasionally joyous layered encrypted meanings that the work attempts to disentangle and survey. This final iteration also attempts to articulate the ancient and contemporary meanings and knowledges embodied in these byways – it unpicks the enigmatic and subjective truths that can be deciphered through research, careful observation, and speculation.