From the Ridge

Iteration #2

This piece evolved from an earlier piece ‘From the Heath on the Ridge’ (written in 2017).

The first iteration offered a simple stocktake of features, associations and characteristics observed from the heath of Wreck Beach Farm. Using a similar premise as its starting point, this second iteration attempts to observe that same location while also adopting a more respectful approach to visitation.

As I had done several years previously, I trekked up to the ridge, chose a comfortable spot, sat, and then spent several hours observing and compiling a list of the things that grabbed my attention. However, a crucial difference is that I also actively attempted to consider the diversity of perspectives that presented themselves.

This involved drawing on the knowledge and learning of the Boonwurrung/Bunurong cultural and historical traditions that had been generously shared with me. It also involved attempting to remain attuned to the presence and agency of the non-human actants that inhabited the place. In doing so, I have tried to actively acknowledge a broader spectrum of histories, knowledge, and connections to that place.